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Administrative Consulting Services

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Livre_crochetonly_64Administrative tasks

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Delegate to prioritize

Delegating is an intelligent way to maximize your time, your talent and your resources. There comes a time when it is important to concentrate on your strengths, while leaving certain activities to others in order to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

« Delegating is easy, but delegating well is an Art form and the first step is to find the right resource »
Livre_crochetonly_64Save time and money, increase productivity without the commitments tied to hiring by relying on a professional and recognized service, personalized to YOUR needs.

Nathalie works with many established organizations, systems and procedures. She is focused on a good client experience and is motivated to attain objectives.

Christian Lamarre
First VP National Bank Financial, Portfolio Manager Sigma Index Solutions

None of us acting alone can achieve success.

-Nelson Mandela

A 4-step process


Consulting Services

Meetings and interviews to better understand your needs. Depending on the context, they can either be done by phone, Skype, in person or by any other means.


Consulting Services

Review of information, identification of challenges and objectives to determine a concrete action plan with specific targets.


Consulting Services

Implementation of preferred solutions within predetermined delays and according to the resources available, as established by the assigned stakeholders.


Consulting Services

Regular follow-ups with Management, allowing for transparency in regards to the progress and the status of the mandate.

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