Services Offered

According to your needs and your objectives, there are personalized solutions
that match your resources and your expectations!

New products & services

Project management

Mystery client and Surveillance of the competition

Identification and evaluation of potential suppliers

Impact analysis on existing processes

Implementation of new products or services

Social Media

Creation of accounts and profiles

Publication and programming

Monitoring of comments and interactions with users

Regular and planned interventions and updates

Publication of newsletter

WEB information management

Surveillance of information available on the WEB concerning various topics:




Clients, etc.

Document Management
Linguistic Services

Formatting of documents (Templates, forms, letters, brochures, flyers, bills, etc.)

Review, correction and word processing

Organization of electronic and physical archives

Creation of spreadsheets (Excel)

Creation de presentations (PowerPoint or Prezi)

English to French translation

Human Resources

Process to onboard new employees

Performance appraisal system

Employee handbook

Description and job posting

Workflow management

Process Optimisation

Inventory of existing processes

Implementation and drafting of company processes

Planning and organisation of events



Employee recognition events

Team building


Press conferences

Vernissage wine & cheese

Clients or office event, etc.

Travel arrangements

Evaluation of different options according to schedules, budget, transportation modes



Administrative tasks

Reception, filtering and returning calls and appointments

Processing emails

Managing an agenda

Input and update of contacts

Data entry

Mass mailings

Courtesy communications (greeting cards, birthdays, etc.)


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You dream of having an employee handbook?
You would like to survey the market with the intention of offering a new product or service?
You are curious to know what your competition is doing?
You are preoccupied by the sustainability of your business, by ensuring long-term survival ?
You would like to formalize your winning methods in a procedures manual?

Benefit from my experience and my critical thinking skills!



Maybe you simply need a hand to improve your forms and procedures, to put in place an efficient archiving system, create templates and models for documents or simply better coordinate your tasks.

Profit from my structured approach!



The management of your agenda, booking of appointments, filtering of calls and emails, data input, formatting of documents, billing and follow-ups with your clients are all tasks that are easy to delegate, especially to someone as experienced as I am.

You can count on my talent and efficiency!


Automate your processes

Learn how to automate your business processes to help you grow your company.


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Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm


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